Our mission at Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato is to provide our patrons with a truly authentic Italian experience. Our search for the perfect recipes and ingredients took us to northern Italy, where we met our chief executive chef, Rodolfo Mazzero, the creator of Whimsical's frozen yogurt and gelato treats. Born in Solighetto, Italy, Rodolfo spent most of his youth working on his family farm harvesting fruits and developing a deep understanding of the earth's natural ingredients. He opened his first gelateria in 1969 and won Europe's Best Hazelnut Gelato at the MIG International Gelato Convention in Longarone in 1982 and Best Strawberry Gelato in 1983. Come and taste Rodolfo's fresh and delicious creations. We hope you have a wonderful, whimsical experience.

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